Dressing for your body type

Dress for Your Body Type

Unlock Your Inner Fashion Icon: Dress for Your Body Type Like a Pro!


Trends shift quickly, and it can be difficult to know how to modify them to fit our distinct (and gorgeous!) body types. According to us, being fashionable is all about looking great and feeling wonderful about oneself. However, you may argue that we adhere to principles rather than laws. Therefore, we put together this helpful guide to show you how to dress for your body type and highlight your best features with items you already have (or should have) in your closet. Do you know your body type, though?

Know More About Dress for Your Body Type

Pear Shaped Body Type

You could fit this body type if…

Your breast is smaller than your waist.

You think your hips are more developed.

In relation to your hips, you have narrower shoulders.

Your posterior is fuller.

The Perfect Jeans and Pants for Pear Shape body type.

Choose more muted and dark colors for the bottom since you’re having so much fun with prints and dynamic top forms. Bootcut and flare denim styles are fantastic go-tos because they balance proportions by doing for your lower half what a strong shoulder or neckline does for your upper half. Bootcut and traditional trouser styles are elongating for people who are on the small side. A floor-grazing fit over heels will work wonders if you like flares!

Learn More About Dress for Your Body Type

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Body Shape: Hourglass

If… you might have this body type.

You would say your body is curvaceous.

Your waistline is clearly defined.

Your hip and bust measurements are approximately equal.

You might have larger thighs, hips, and a bust.

The Perfect Jeans and Pants for Hourglass Shape body type.

Get out your floor-grazing flares and your go-to dance shoes. If you are confident in your flat stomach, you can wear riskier low-rise, hip-hugging styles (which look fantastic with a little cropped or extremely fitting top). Stretchy thin jeans and leggings look best when the inseam is a standard (not cropped) length, since they are ideal for highlighting the curves of your hip and the taper of your leg.

 Body Type with an Apple Shape

If… you might have this body type.

In general, you have good proportions.

Your hips are smaller than your shoulders.

Your hips may not be as curved as they once were.

You lack a clearly defined waistline (if you did, you’d probably be an hourglass!)

The Jeans & Pants That The Apple-Shape body type.

Make your choice! When worn with a loose tunic, a big sweater, or a roomy button-down, skinny jeans and leggings flatter your figure well. For a longer-looking silhouette, flares look fantastic with heels. Wear bootcut or flared pants and flats if you have lengthy legs. Always keep in mind that the hem should either reach the top of your heel or the entire surface of the ground.

Sports-Oriented Body Type

This body type might apply to you if…

You don’t really have a curvaceous body type.

You are almost the same size in both shoulders and hips.

You have a straight, up-and-down waist that isn’t particularly tiny or well-defined.

Your body is distributed with weight in a reasonably even manner.

For athletic or rectangular shape body type, the Best Jeans & Pants.

Choose the type of pant that will best accentuate your top shape while keeping in mind the athletic shape rule of thumb. If your top is too big, wear a pair of thin jeans, leggings, or a structured trouser style.

Trying to look taller? Bootcut styles with heels or floor-grazing flares both lengthen and streamline the figure. Petite women can balance their frames with flowing and wide-leg clothing, gathered waists, and even cargos. You might want to choose a medium rise jean if your torso is on the long side. If you select a style with stretch, high-waisted pants might work for you even though your midsection is straight. Make care to put them on first to be on the safe side.


Every person and every body is unique. It’s okay if you’re not one of these shapes! It is preferable to utilize these clothing suggestions as a jumping off point to learn the fundamentals. Let’s face it, the majority of women blend a variety of qualities! All you need to do is combine various elements till you discover what works best for you.

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